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Our History

A History of Saint Albert’s Jr. Seminary

Introduction click here to read full story in PDF stalberts1 This work was begun some years ago in 1967 when I was first stationed at Saint Albert’s. Because of my teaching schedule and the distance of the seminary from the provincial archives at first in New York and later on in …

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St Joseph Carmelite Church in Troy

The magnificient Church of St Joseph of Troy was established in 1847 and the Famous Tiffany windows were installed later into this church. This Church is now in the Pastoral care of the Carmelite fathers of the St Elias Province of New York. Sunny Vision Creations.

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The Carmelites: The Province of St Elias

Despite the ruin that came to the Carmelite Order through  secularism and government controls of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, it survived in Ireland even though, it had its local problem of English persecution.  Because of government restrictions affecting education, those desiring to join the Carmelite Order had to go …

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