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A History of Saint Albert’s Jr. Seminary


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This work was begun some years ago in 1967 when I was first stationed at Saint Albert’s. Because of my teaching schedule and the distance of the seminary from the provincial archives at first in New York and later on in Maspeth, I decided to rely fully on material available in Middletown for this history. It is not intended to be definitive and thus its title, “A History of Saint Albert’s Junior Seminary.”

In the fall of 1976, I was given the opportunity to do research in Dublin and Rome on the history of the New York province of Carmelites. Naturally, some material relating to Saint Albert’s was uncovered. Because none of this material affected substantially what I had already written and because it is almost completely concerned with the inner workings of the Carmelite Order, I decided not to include any of it in this history. I intend rather to insert any decisions affecting Saint Albert’s into a general history of the province.

Many have assisted me in various ways in this composition. To all of them, especially those not acknowledged in footnotes, I want to express my thanks. I hope this history will enable us to see that progress is made slowly and help all of us learn so that, equipped with a knowledge of the past, we may perform better in the future.

Especially since this is not a definitive work, I will welcome any comments, additions, corrections or criticisms.

The unevenness of this history will be obvious to the reader. Some long periods of time are covered in the same amount of pages as shorter lengths of time. This results from the lack of material for some intervals and the plethora of data for others. Also, one of the aims of this history was the use and preservation of existing materials. This was done because of the danger of loss.

Alfred Isacsson, 0. Carm.

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